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Elvira Troyo Carranza Writer

AUTHORElvira Troyo Carranza is a mother of four; Lorena, José, Octavio and Héctor, three grand-daughters and two sisters. Born in Mexico City, Elvira developed her professional career as a substitute teacher.

Elvira now lives in Houston with her husband and has an essential passion for cooking good healthy food, not only to feed the body through a fresh and nutritious method, but also because good cooking feeds the soul. Her cooking experience comes from her mother and grandmother and has been complemented through recommendations and recipes studied, tasted, learned and observed around her diverse trips around the world.

Elvira has written this book based on the belief that every person on earth must find something like this to do, that is, to find something attractive to your senses and try to develop it with pleasure. The joy derived becomes a way of living. Doing whatever has to be done joyfully, will return to you as a well being sensation, which then may be shared with whomever is around you in life or even someone you meet on the streets.

Sharing a simple smile opens the heart and soul. It all comes from applying a method such as the Carranza’s Method, to develop some activity with order, and obtaining practical results with very good taste, which therefore increase your inner happiness and health. No matter if obstacles are found, one should follow intuition and try to find what we like to do in life.

Living day a day with an inside positive sensation of peace and joy in our body and a quiet mind is a personal responsibility to be developed as we grow and live, no matter our age. It must be sought, developed and practiced along with our daily activities like cooking, walking, studying, doing manual labor or steady work, but believing that something special within each one of us exists, this is, believing in oneself is the key to discover a sparkle of light that will enlighten our whole life and that will be the key to guide us in life. When this happens, a person is capable of sharing positive emotions, positive instants, actions and an openness appears and surrounds the person and the events that may happen in that life. This is because love has been found within the heart.

It is something personal. No one else but yourself may give you the gift of happiness and a lifetime is given as a present to each one of us to search, discover, maintain, increase, share and expand positive emotions around the world in which we live.

This evolution starts with the food we eat. With the calm love and care deposited, to prepare what we eat. This book has been elaborated with all my love to life and gratitude to everything that surrounds me such as the perfection of life, nature and the mystery of being alive.

Those who follow a healthy way of living may prevent certain illness in all ages and some healthy habits can be learned with the application of certain methods and advice recommended in this book.

I thank all my family for their support on the elaboration of this book. I decided to write this book in order to help people to learn how to organize their kitchen, their lifestyles and their whole relationship with food. Applying this method may help you have an easier and more simple relation with food, it’s elaboration, and the time left to enjoy food in a different way.

Easier, faster and simple. That is the purpose. Everyone can do it! Eat better, live better!

Healthy Life: Happy, Cheaper, Longer life, Less illness.

Cook Fresh: Natural is good for your heart and comes from the Earth.

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