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The Carranza Method to learn to enjoy life more.


The Carranza Method is a method, based on ancient and modern recipes from the nineteenth century, to the present. It is a method that incorporates tips that, if followed, and implemented in your kitchen and in your daily activities will help you focus and feel empowered. You will discover relevant facets in your body and health, based on a healthy diet in your daily lives.

When health is lost, everything else in life loses sense. Learn how to cook, taking advantage of the basic products that Mother Earth offers us, by taking advantage of their freshness and natural properties in a healthy way, with the Carranza Method. This authentic method of cooking takes advantage of products offered by nature, by learning how to cook in a healthy way. What we express seems easy, but it takes a some time and discipline to get to this point and to be able to share it, which brings us to our first point: Cooking is easy, but it requires discipline. This is not meant to scare you, but to inspire you, which brings us to our second point: Cooking is an art, created by each person. It can be as grand as you want to, and very exciting, too. Do not take it as a duty or an obligation, but as a pleasure, and as something to enjoy!

You can create anything that you want to, change or vary whatever ingredient you desire while cooking, you may follow your intuition and create incredible tastes that never thought of, and only by using what you have in your fridge and pantry and an easy method to follow.

The art of cooking knows, shows and guides your inner self how to combine and create, so be creative!